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LEGEND DRILLING SERVICES specializes in air-rotary drilling for water wells and a full range of pump services. We currently service residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients throughout the State of Utah. We meet the highest efficiency standards and utilize the well drilling industry's best practices. We construct our wells using state-of-the-art drilling equipment, expert knowledge of the area geology and lithology, and with our client's needs in mind. Our wells sustain efficiency in performance, time over time. Our process ensures environmental sustainability, maintains the health of the aquifer and the purity of your water.

Additional water well services: domestic wells, site-evaluation, irrigation wells, well abandonment, public supply wells, heat-exchange wells, cathodic protection, test wells, dewatering wells, well inspection, HD camera inspection, well performance testing.

Additional pump services: pump installation, pump replacement, pump evaluation, test pumping, solar pumps, full range of pumps, and pump services.


Legend Drilling is licensed, bonded and insured.


We strive to provide the best quality and utilize industries best practices.


Our prices are competitive and our wait times are shorter than average.

Our Full Spectrum of Services

- Water Well Drilling

- Well Renovation & Abandonment

- Pump Installation & Services

- HD Video Inspections

- Water Testing


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Well Drying Out?

Has your existing well been affected by the drought? Is it the well? Is it the pump?

Our team can analyze and evaluate the problem. We will provide solutions to address your water well needs. With our extensive experience and knowledge of the surrounding areas, our goal is to provide cost effective solutions that maximize efficiency and sustainability of the well.


Residential/Domestic water well drilling and construction.


Agricultural and Commercial size well drilling and construction

Pump Services

Submersible and surface pumps. Water well hand pumps, electrical and solar pump services



Industry's Best Practices

Cement Seal

Prevents leakage of contamination into the well.​


Encloses the well, PVC or Metal.​

Perforated Pipes

Allows water to seep in from surrounding areas.​

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