Water Well Drilling Services in Francis, Utah

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The professional water well drilling team at Legend Drilling Services in Francis, Utah has the skills to service pump installations, surface sealing, air rotary drilling, mud rotary drilling, well irrigation pumps, drinking water wells, HD camera inspections, submersible well pumps, surface booster pumps, filter gravel packs, and so much more. We only employ state-approved, licensed, insured, and bonded technicians who are trained to handle your water well services in the Francis, Utah area. Most repairs that are required can be accomplished on the same day. During your service call, Legend Drilling Services in Francis, Utah will evaluate your water well systems as part of our inspection process. After the necessary repairs have been approved and completed, we then keep our evaluation on file for future use for our Francis, Utah residents. Let us be your go-to company for all your water well drilling and pump service needs for your Oakley, Utah property. No matter the make, model, age, shape, or size of your tank, we can repair it. Our experts are trained to find the source of any problem and fix it quickly and effectively, no matter the brand.

Water Well Pump and Solar Services with Legend Drilling Services in Francis, Utah


Well Pump Services in Francis, Utah

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Our good pump services have held up in durability and efficiency over time, our work ethic and performance are what makes Legend Drilling Services unique to any other local Francis, Utah drilling company. We understand the geophysical formations and aquifers in Francis, Utah, and surrounding areas. Our professionals can also maintain pressure tanks, loss of water pressure is a disturbance to everyone on the property. Our licensed, insured, and bonded workers at Legend Drilling Services will get the job done right the first time, we have been serving Francis, Utah for years and have kept our reputation thriving with recommendations from previous happy clients. We maintain the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship from our expert technicians and will always leave your property in better condition than when they arrive. Over time in Francis, Utah even the best well pumps need maintenance. Legend Drilling Services fully understands this and offers maintenance for your water well drilling and well pumps. Another common problem we see in Francis, Utah is pressure tanks losing their pressure affecting the entire property. If you face any of these problems, contact our team immediately!

Solar Pump Services in Francis, Utah

Low-Cost Maintenance | Solar Pump System

Solar pumps are effective and efficient machines for renewable energy sources in Francis, Utah. Solar-powered water pumps can provide an equal volume of water per day without the high and inefficient energy demands of a large-capacity AC pump. Instead of pumping a large volume of water in a short time and turning it off, the solar water pump works slowly and efficiently all day. Often a solar water pump specifically for Francis, Utah wells will work fine in a well with a recovery rate too slow for a conventional AC pump. If your water sources are remote from power lines, compare the cost of a low-maintenance solar pumping system to what you would spend on a generator, with continual fuel and maintenance costs, or on a utility power-line extension. In most cases, a good solar pumping system is far more economical, which is why many nonprofits and NGOs use solar pumping to provide clean water to remote villages around the world. For any more information or possible maintenance we can provide for you or your solar pump, give us a call or email today and we'll get out to you as quickly as possible.


Inspections & Testing Services in Francis, Utah

HD Video Inspections | Water Testing

Legend Drilling Services offers unique inspections and testing for water and potential well-drilling sites. We have HD video inspections available for all of our clients to fully understand the drilling system and water testing for examinations of what's in your soil and water. We are committed to servicing well-pumping equipment through dedicated, trained service professionals and unmatched customer service. Our factory-trained and certified service personnel can troubleshoot existing water wells and provide the hands-on assistance our clients require. We can do performance testing to evaluate the performance of your water well and its pumping equipment, maintenance testing will diagnose well and pump inefficiencies and establish a historical pattern of well and pump performance. With our state-of-the-art equipment for inspecting and examining water well and potential drilling spots, you can count on the team at Legend Drilling Services for any and all your water well needs and water testing requirements. Our friendly team here in Francis, Utah is ready for your call to see what we can do for your property’s well pump.

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