Water Well Drilling Services in Strawberry, Utah

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Proper water well design is critical to high quality comes and satisfied clients. Legend Drilling Services uses a standardized system that was innovated by our company to properly plan and manage well drilling, surface sealing, air rotary drilling, mud rotary drilling, and more here in Strawberry, Utah. This system uses a specialized approach to the dynamic needs of the project and heavy investment of our staff and equipment in Strawberry, Utah. We are licensed, certified, and bonded professional engineers with decades of field experience in creating well-drilling pumps. Our engineers have been properly trained and ensured that they can handle any project they are given here in Strawberry, Utah. Legend Drilling Services is unsurpassed across Strawberry, Utah for its depth and wide variety of the company's capabilities and skills. We are able to manage and construct a full range of sizes and types of well projects across Strawberry, Utah. We can do municipal, industrial, agricultural, commercial, or residential here in Strawberry, Utah, and our staff and fleet of rigs are well-equipped to fulfill the demands of intense and rigorous drilling projects whether it be wells, air rotary drilling, mud rotary drilling, or any other projects our clients need to be constructed properly. We deliver on every size and phase of groundwater drilling, exploration, construction, development, and testing. We are a family-owned and locally-operated business here in Strawberry, Utah responding to all of our residents' needs working until their water is flowing. Our expansive array of equipment and technology has made our company stand out from the rest here in Strawberry, Utah, and can supply you with every drilling requirement you need. Our goal is to produce the highest-quality and most efficient solutions using only the best materials available to us here in Strawberry, Utah. Our team in Strawberry, Utah is ready for your call today!

Water Well Pump and Solar Services with Legend Drilling Services in Strawberry, Utah


Well Pump Services in Strawberry, Utah

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Legend Drilling Services invests the highest quality equipment and technicians to provide the best and most streamlined solutions to all of your well pump service needs in Strawberry, Utah. Our thorough planning is what creates our efficiencies, we know customers don't like surprises so we work to ensure our quotes include all foreseeable information at the onset of the site. This approach provides value, using tailored designs that optimize our crews’ efficiency, production, and long-term success. Legend Drilling Services owns the most complete drilling and service fleet here in Strawberry, Utah, so we are prepared to drill and construct well pumps from residential needs to larger commercial projects. Our water well pumps and motors operate in a demanding environment, Legend Drilling Services takes great pride in our expertise in applying water well pumps, motors, control drives, well caps, and pressure system holding tanks in Strawberry, Utah. Large or small, deep or shallow, our experienced crew is ready to handle any and all well pump projects local to Strawberry, Utah. We specialize in new well pumps and motors as well as replacement well pumps. We are committed to servicing well-pumping equipment through dedicated, trained service professionals and unmatched customer service. Our factory-trained and certified service personnel can troubleshoot existing water wells and provide the hands-on assistance our clients require. We can do performance testing to evaluate the performance of your water well and its pumping equipment, maintenance testing will diagnose well and pump inefficiencies and establish a historical pattern of well and pump performance. Using this information, corrective action can be taken at the clients’ convenience, and minimize the risk of unexpected potential problems. This results in an optimized work service to fix all your problems. Our friendly team here in Strawberry, Utah is ready for your call to see what we can do for your property’s well pump.

Solar Pump Services in Strawberry, Utah

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The team at Legend Drilling Services has decades of experience repairing and maintaining slow pumps in Strawberry, Utah. Solar pumps were used as an inexpensive alternative to windmills in rural areas for stock water. We have installed solar pumping systems in this area for customers who choose to be off the power grid for their water supply in Strawberry, Utah. Our solar pumps are manufactured with modular designs, pump motors, and controls are totally separate items and need to be replaced individually if needed. Some solar pumps here in Strawberry, Utah on the market are manufactured with an integrated pump/motor/controller design and are not repairable. If anyone integrated part fails, the entire pump may need to be replaced. Our solar pump services include low-cost maintenance and professional installation with low-cost repairs and eliminate the need to purchase an entirely new unit in the event of a component failure. Your Strawberry, Utah well draws on groundwater that flows through the underground aquifer, which is a semi-permeable layer of rock and soil. But your well simply cannot work properly without a well pump that provides the pressure for your water supply. In fact, the pump is the key component for your potable water supply, and it works hard to push or pull water up into your plumbing system or well. We offer a wide range of solar water pump services here in Strawberry, Utah with an excellent selection of solar pumps throughout our local area. We are a family-owned and locally-operated business here in Strawberry, Utah, and pride ourselves on our reputation within our community for all of our solar pump services. We can make sure all your necessities are covered. We offer solar pump installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance here in Strawberry, Utah. Give our friendly team a call today to see what we can do for you and your property’s solar pump!

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